Press Quotes

“Sorting out the contradictions of Lee’s life and career, Stacy Sullivan’s “It’s a Good Day: A Tribute to Miss Peggy Lee” paints an empathetic, melancholy portrait. Instead of imitating Lee, Ms. Sullivan takes on her body language and style while searching for her essence…Ms. Sullivan, who can swing…peers under the seductive artifice of a woman…increasingly trapped within the image she had struggled to create…and made you feel the howling loneliness of a star in a gilded cocoon.”
Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“A commanding, willowy presence, Sullivan captures that rare combination of vulnerability and worldliness. Pianist Jon Weber and bassist Steve Doyle make light work of the ultra-sophisticated arrangements. She captures Miss Lee’s understated eroticism, too. She wants us to see Lee as a woman of our times, not just a songbird. Mission Accomplished.”
Clive Davis, The London Times

“Sullivan captures the essence of the gifted artist and brave survivor, Peggy Lee, in her new show ‘It’s a Good Day’ at The Cafe Carlyle.”
Tom Dworetsky, The New York Daily News

“Sly and subtle, Stacy Sullivan, like Peggy Lee, is a master of suggestion. There’s a wink in her voice, and when you hear her on this gorgeous, intimately swinging album, you know that wink is meant only for you.”  
David Hajdu, Music Critic, The New Republic

”Stacy Sullivan inaugurates the Carlyle’s new late-night series with her excellent Peggy Lee Tribute, ‘It’s a Good Day.’”
Will Friedwald, The Wall Street Journal

“It only happens sometimes.  A performer who can captivate an audience on many levels:  voice, phrasing, acting, persona, sensuality, physical beauty, and also Swing. Stacy had me (and the others in the room) under her spell for every minute of her Tribute to Peggy Lee show. She has that extra wisp and dramatic pause in her singing that leaves you breathless.  Everything she does musically flows naturally, as does her comfortable sophisticated sexuality. For me, a performance is memorable when its glow lasts the entire ride home.  This one had me smiling the next morning.”
Stephen Sorokoff, TC2 Online

“Stacy Sullivan sings her Peggy Lee Tribute wonderfully, with lush ‘in the zone’ tones. Beyond the blonde bond, shared grace unites these women.”
Rob Lester, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

“Stacy Sullivan is a consummate swinger in the jazz idiom – she sings with effortless ease and joy, and puts the audience totally at ease with her charm and style.”
Ronny Whyte, Midtown Jazz at Midday

“Stacy Sullivan’s tribute to Peggy Lee is irresistible with fresh and courageous takes on Lee’s famous canon.”
Michael Seel, Executive Director, Boston Court Performing Arts Center
“Sullivan is a revelation. Watch for a repeat engagement of this show! It will be a contender for every award this year.”
Joe Regan, Jr., Times Square Chronicles

“I enjoyed every minute of Stacy Sullivan’s tribute to my grandmother, Peggy Lee. I know she would be thrilled, as I am, that Stacy is introducing her music to new audiences, as well as giving Peggy’s fans a chance to once again hear these great songs.”
Holly Foster Wells, Vice President, Peggy Lee Associates, LLC
“I’ve been a lifelong Peggy Lee fan.  Now, I am also a Stacy Sullivan fan. Her tribute to Peggy Lee is a flat out terrific show.”                                                                                             
Terry Dullum, The Dullum File

“This show is inspiring and the storytelling grace of Ms. Sullivan is sensational. Her audience is embraced with an energy that transcends mere talent and soars to the heights of healing those in her presence.”                                                            
Russ Weatherford, Times Square Chronicles
“Though the songs are sheer Lee, Sullivan is in command. She’s almost motionless in her poise, focused on the truth of each song. The arrangements are impeccable. Anecdotes fit. Warmth is palpable. Completely original.”
Alix Cohen, Woman Around Town

“Acclaimed jazz artists Stacy Sullivan, Jon Weber and Steve Doyle put on a show that was out of this world. Sullivan was dialed into the spirit of Peggy Lee. Family members of Peggy Lee were stunned by her performance and overcome with emotion during the concert.”
Steve Urness,

“Stacy Sullivan gets right inside my songs and tugs at their heartstrings. She’ll do the same to you when you hear her, you’d better watch out!”
Paul Horner, Composer, “Peg”

“The uniqueness of Peggy Lee captured in a tribute show? Yes, indeed!”
Scott Barbarino, Nightlife Exchange

“This was the kind of show you read about and wish you had been there! Throughout the evening, moment after moment led to song after song of lovely interpretation. Each note, word and breath had been carefully considered, so as to make each song effortlessly understood. No ending consonant ever over done, but just the right amount to be perfectly articulated. Subtle. Immediate. Allowing us to see right through to her heart. Her voice shimmered as beautifully as finely spun gold, filling the dimly lit room, touching even those ravishing murals by French artist Marcel Vertes. This was a haunting moment in time, ne’er to be forgotten.”
Parker Scott, Cabaret Hotline Online