Cabaret for Thinking People

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Jan. 15, 2015 6:48 p.m. ET

Stacy Sullivan, ‘On the Air—Songs For Marian McPartland’

Call this a “thinking person’s cabaret show.” Star Stacy Sullivan is a thoughtful and subtle singer, just as the woman she honors, Marian McPartland, was the most subtle and thoughtful of pianists, composers and radio hosts. Just as the late McPartland (1918–2013) represented an outpost of sanity and tranquility in a medium historically dominated by shock jocks and pseudo-scholars, Ms. Sullivan is neither fussy nor formal nor, at the other extreme, falsely folksky. The presence of accompanist and musical director Jon Weber, who has served as Ms. McPartland’s replacement for these last few years (even while the Queen Mum of Jazz herself was still with us) adds greatly to the authenticity of what is a very heartfelt and thoroughly realized project.