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LML Music is an independent label dedicated to distributing the finest in Cabaret, Jazz and Broadway vocals. All of the artists on LML Music have produced their own recordings; some independently and others with the incredible support of their friends and fans. Here you will discover some of the most incredible and heartfelt voices you shall ever experience.

Founded in 1995 by award-winning recording artist Lee Lessack, LML now distributes for over 65 vocalists in the US & Canada. We have also recently signed distribution deals in Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom. In addition we have expanded our catalogue to include some of the finest LIVE concert recordings produced by the Actors’ Fund of America and the S.T.A.G.E. organization. In 2004 LML also signed distribution deals with two other boutique labels, Midder Music and Ducy Lee.

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LML Music offers many recordings featuring Stacy Sullivan:

An intimately swinging project, fresh with courageous takes on Peggy Lee’s famous canon. Joining forces with Jon Weber, Steve Doyle, and Bucky PizzarelliMiss Sullivan evokes Lee, but deftly applies her own stamp to each and every song. To complete the picture, the album introduces “The Folks Back Home,” (a previously unreleased song by Lee and Paul Horner,) and Stacy Sullivan possesses the musicianship and vocal chops to do both Peggy Lee and the material justice.  




West On 40

“Stacy Sullivan possesses ont of the most sensual, smoky altos I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing… “West on 40″ is one of the top recordings of 2004…There is not a single track that does not display her stamp or her joy.” Jonathon Frank, “Sound Advice” 






It’s A Small Town


“It’s a Small Town” is a refreshingly contemporary treatment of mostly standards along with a handful of new songs that can stand most proudly alongside the older and more venerated songs.

Although romantic love is the theme of most of these songs, it’s Stacy’s sense of yearning in her voice, that vulnerability and longing that line her vocals that touches and moves the listener.

The CD could almost be subtitled “Country Goes Broadway/ Hollywood” as the majority of the songwriters represented on this disc constitute the heavyweight composers of mid and slightly later 20th century American popular song who worked the east and west coast vineyards: Rodgers, Hart, Porter, Berlin, Weill, Mancini.

Though blessed with a lyric coloratura and trained with a degree in music, Stacy’s voice has no hint of the diva or the academy. She sings honestly, from her heart, without histrionics and the unnecessary pyrotechnics, paying attention to the lyrics and allowing the stories to speak for themselves. It’s clear that her heart and voice are firmly planted on the street corners of Williams and Berlin (that is to say, Hank and Irving.) 




Cold Enough To Snow

By blending the styles that she knows so well, Stacy Sullivan has created a sound that is all her own and a Christmas album that is truly unique. Working again with her brilliant guitarist, George Doering and a band that is second to none, this is a recording that is likely to become a perennial favorite.