“My View” written by Stephen Sorokoff

By Admin / May, 1, 2013 / 0 comments

I enjoy, appreciate and love all types of GOOD food.   However, if it’s going to be my last meal, it will be Italian – – Same thing about singers.    If I’m only allowed to pick one music event I go to before my exit, it will be at the Metropolitan – Room not Opera.  In other words (sounds like a song), I-Love-Swing.

I discovered another Sullivan– Stacy Sullivan.  As she was leaving the Cabaret Convention, KT quickly said “you should come with us to the Metropolitan Room Stephen, my sister has a show – You would like her!”

KT was selected to be Artistic Director of The Mabel Mercer Foundation for many reasons musical.  But one of her other attributes is that she’s very smart –  understands an audience.  She had me figured for swing.

In this case KT was wrong!  I didn’t like Stacy – I loved her!  It only happens sometimes.  A performer who can captivate an audience on many levels:  voice, phrasing, acting, persona, sensuality,  physical beauty, and also Swing.  Stacy had me (and the others in the room) under her spell for every minute of her Tribute to Peggy Lee show. She has that extra wisp and dramatic pause in her singing that leaves you breathless.  Everything she does musically flows naturally, as does her comfortable sophisticated sexuality.   For me a performance is memorable when its glow lasts the entire ride home.  This one had me smiling the next morning.

Jon Weber, Stacy’s music director, is a commanding pianist; inventive harmonic and melodic ideas flow with effortless subtle technique.  Steve Doyle supported the bottom with his definitive bass notes.   KT was more than right about her sister Stacy.