Peggy Lee is Back in London!

By Admin / October, 13, 2012 / 0 comments

Stacy Sullivan brings her “Tribute to Miss Peggy Lee” to The Crazy Coqs at The Brasserie Zedel

Peggy Lee loved London. It was one of her favorite places in the world and remains the top market for her music to this day. “When I say I love my fans, I mean it,” said Peggy. “They’ve been a marvellous inspiration to me.” After a sold-out performance at Royal Albert Hall, The London Times wrote, “Her London fans wousld support her anywhere. She was rapturously received.”

Stacy Sullivan’s “Tribute to Miss Peggy Lee” is comprised of songs written or popularized by Peggy Lee and receiving rave review across the United States. ”Were Miss Lee ensconced on a bar stool, legs crossed, chiffon skirt cascading, she’d undoubtedly raise an appreciative glass to the shimmering Stacy Sullivan.” Alix Cohen, Woman Around Town.

Having traveled with her grand-mother every year from the time she was six, Holly Foster Wells (Peggy Lee’s grand-daughter) saw her grandmother perform on countless occasions. “Stacy’s nothing like my grandmother, she doesn’t try to be like her, but she has a way of getting into a song that casts a spell. My father said it’s almost like it’s the spirit of Peggy Lee reminding us.”

Peggy Lee’s legacy is in good hands and Stacy Sullivan is in good voice and good company with her collaborative and creative musicians, Jon Weber, and Steve Doyle, who will be joining her in London!

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