Stephen Sorokoff – My View: STACY SULLIVAN – THIS SHOW HAS LEGS!!!!

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Posted by Stephen Sorokoff

Date: Sunday, April 5, 2015

Stacy SullivanI like Stacy Sullivan singing anything. The sensual voice, musical refinement, and intellectual analysis she brings to her chosen subject matter always produces a fascinating show. In this performance titled “Since You’ve Asked” she exposes more of herself than usual, and it wasn’t just those great legs which finally came out of the stylish pants that are her usually attire. ( I hope Hilary doesn’t get any ideas). The evening started with a thunderbolt from the heavens, (the loud bang of a loose audio wire ). It came during the first few bars of her opening number and Stacy skillfully improvised “I knew I should not have scheduled a show on Passover” Well, this show was “Kosher for Pesach” in every way. It contained an eclectic mix of music and personal stories performed by another beautiful product out of the Sullivan talent factory. I’m still trying to figure out how they all have great skin, great voices, great minds and enchanting personalities. BTW, Stacy’s beautiful and talented daughter Savannah Brown directed this show. These Sullivans keep comin……….

The unique musical arrangements enveloping Stacy were created by music director Troy Fannin on guitar, Matthew Watanabe on piano, and Jaime Mohamdein on bass.

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